Job details

Location: Issaquah, WA

Salary: $45 / Hour - $55 / Hour

Pelvic Health - Outpatient Physical Therapist

POSITION TYPE: Outpatient Physical Therapist


LOCATION: Issaquah, WA


JOB TYPE: Full-Time Permanent

Job Description:

We are currently seeking an experienced and compassionate Pelvic Health Outpatient Physical Therapist to join our dynamic team. If you are a skilled physical therapist with expertise in pelvic health and a passion for improving the quality of life for individuals with pelvic floor disorders, we invite you to apply and become an integral part of our healthcare family.

Job Summary:

As a Pelvic Health Outpatient Physical Therapist, you will play a critical role in providing specialized rehabilitation services to patients with pelvic floor disorders and related conditions. You will work with a diverse patient population, including those with pelvic pain, incontinence, and other pelvic health concerns. Your expertise will help patients regain function, alleviate discomfort, and enhance their overall quality of life.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Patient Assessment: Conduct comprehensive assessments to evaluate patients with pelvic floor disorders, including those with pelvic pain, incontinence, and postpartum issues.
  2. Treatment Planning: Develop individualized treatment plans tailored to each patient's specific needs, focusing on improving pelvic health, function, and overall well-being.
  3. Therapeutic Interventions: Provide evidence-based physical therapy interventions, including exercises, manual techniques, biofeedback, electrical stimulation, and other specialized modalities, to address pelvic health concerns.
  4. Education: Educate patients about their conditions, treatment options, and techniques for self-management to enhance their understanding and participation in their care.
  5. Documentation: Maintain accurate and detailed patient records, including initial evaluations, progress notes, and discharge summaries, in compliance with facility policies and regulatory requirements.
  6. Collaboration: Collaborate with healthcare providers and specialists to ensure coordinated and comprehensive care for patients with complex pelvic health issues.
  7. Patient Advocacy: Advocate for patients and address any concerns or questions related to their care, providing a supportive and patient-centered approach.


  • Graduate of an accredited physical therapy program
  • State licensure as a Physical Therapist in Washington State
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Empathy and sensitivity when working with patients experiencing pelvic health issues
  • Ability to work effectively in a team-oriented environment
  • Specialized training or certification in pelvic health physical therapy is preferred but not required

Job Benefits:

  • Competitive salary
  • 401K
  • Comprehensive Health, Dental, and Vision benefits
  • Excellent room for growth and advancement

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