Pharmacy Clerk – Retail

Pharmacy Clerk – Retail

Pharmacy Clerk - Retail

POSITION TYPE: Pharmacy Clerk


LOCATION: Sacramento, CA

SHIFT: Multiple shifts available

JOB TYPE: Full-Time Permanent

Job Summary:

As a Pharmacy Clerk, you will be at the forefront of our business, representing the company and delivering the range of products and services we offer. The role encompasses a broad array of responsibilities that can flex based on customer requirements.

Working Hours:

Our store operates Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm, Saturday from 9am to 1pm, and remains closed on Sundays. Depending on whether you're employed part-time or full-time, your work hours will be allocated within these business hours. Please note that your responsibilities may extend beyond the opening and closing times as certain tasks require presence before and after regular business hours.


  • Preferably, 1 year of customer service experience
  • Proficiency in basic math skills
  • Fluent in reading, writing, and speaking English
  • Proficient in reading, writing, and speaking Spanish (Preferred)
  • Education:
  • High school diploma or equivalent (Preferred)

Job Description:

  • Utilize the Point-of-Sale system to process customer transactions
  • Verify accurate pricing of products
  • Operate a point-of-sale cash register, including reconciling the cash drawer and balancing daily receipts
  • Forge authentic connections with patients and caregivers by prioritizing service
  • Display compassion and problem-solving skills in addressing potential issues
  • Interact effectively with patients, colleagues, insurance entities, and prescribers
  • Adhere to pertinent Federal and State regulations (e.g., HIPAA) and uphold professional ethics
  • Abide by company policies to ensure patient well-being, privacy, and security
  • Seek opportunities to enhance clinical, technical, and insurance-related knowledge
  • Strike a balance between quality and efficiency in tasks, contributing to both patient outcomes and team objectives
  • Engage customers by offering assistance, resolving inquiries, and ensuring positive experiences
  • Develop strong relationships with valued customers
  • Under pharmacist supervision, assist in pharmacy operations in accordance with state, federal, and company guidelines
  • Perform tasks assigned by Pharmacy Manager, Staff Pharmacist, and Store Owner, including entering patient and drug data into pharmacy systems
  • Promptly report errors to the on-duty pharmacist and adhere to the company's Quality Improvement Program
  • Provide customer support via phone for the general public and physicians
  • Process manual claims for prescription services efficiently
  • Support Pharmacy Department in inventory management tasks
  • Foster positive relationships with the local medical community, under the guidance of Pharmacy Manager and Staff Pharmacist
  • Contribute to the maintenance and appearance of the Pharmacy Department
  • Comply with company policies, maintain respectful interactions with coworkers, and complete special assignments as required

Skills and Abilities:

  • Proficiency in both independent and collaborative work settings
  • Display empathy, patience, and a caring demeanor
  • Excellent communication and customer service aptitude
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Reliability with acute attention to detail
  • Familiarity with record-keeping and inventory control principles
  • Understanding of relevant laws and regulations at the Federal, State, and local levels

Ability to:

  • Communicate effectively verbally and in writing
  • Establish and sustain productive working relationships
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to diverse backgrounds and disabilities of customers
  • Stand, walk, and lift up to 30 pounds for extended periods
  • Transition swiftly between tasks as per pharmacy demands
  • Handle small instruments and objects with dexterity
  • Engage in close-range activities, including transcribing and reading
  • Offer robust customer service
  • Follow oral and written instructions
  • Employ critical thinking and sound judgment
  • Exhibit strong attention to detail
  • Be punctual, dependable, and skilled in time management
  • Resolve disputes, address concerns, and manage complaints
  • Maintain accurate records and files
  • Work autonomously in the absence of direct supervision
  • Prioritize tasks and remain organized
  • Possess sales experience
  • Demonstrate basic mathematical proficiency
  • Display telephone etiquette
  • Uphold a positive attitude


  • 401(k) matching
  • Health insurance
  • Work Schedule:
  • 8-hour shifts
  • Day shifts
  • Monday to Friday, occasional weekends

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