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Location: Durango, CO

Salary: $25 / Hour - $42 / Hour

Director Childcare

POSITION TYPE: Director Childcare




JOB TYPE: Full-Time Permanent

Job Summary:

Oversees all aspects of the daily operations of Mercy Hospital's childcare facility by performing a variety of highly responsible, confidential and complex administrative duties including, but not limited to, budgeting, marketing, bookkeeping/recording procedures, curriculum development, strategic planning, legal compliance and employee relations. Provides a warm, caring environment with high-quality education for children ages 6 weeks (about 1 and a half months) to 6 yrs. advocates for families and the wellbeing of the center's children, and effectively communicates with staff, parents and the community while upholding the center's reputation in all interactions.


  • Strategic Planning: Working closely with direct manager and senior leadership, develops strategic initiatives and programs that effectively meet the needs of the center and budgets.
  • Curriculum Development and Learning Environment/Program: Ensures learning curriculum is individualized to every age, with activities that combine learning and fun to create happy, curious and engaged children. Works closely with the center's teachers and staff, creating effective and engaging learning plans or programs to meet state and federal requirements and parent's expectations. Keeps pace with federal and state daycare laws and requirements and ensures that all activities adhere to both local and federal standards while providing a safe and effective learning environment. Maintains conformity to governmental and hospital standards in all programming, procedures and processes. Creates a safe and supportive environment for children attending the Center that is conductive to growth and emotional development. Ensures that hours and service of the Center meet the most prevalent needs for Child Care for Mercy Regional Medical Center employees. Help staff to implement age-appropriate curriculums, reviewing weekly lesson plans, offering suggestions and ideas as necessary. With in-depth understanding and experience with enrollment guideline, ensure best-practices are followed in relation to enrollments, including maintaining the waiting list and enrolling children when possible space allows.
  • Manage Facilities, General Administration, and Budgets: Proactively ensures the facility is safe, running smoothly and is well-stocked. Partners with parents to ensure toys and other equipment meet the needs of the children. Maintains accurate and organized billing and collection processes that support the Center. Maintain, analyze, and create the budget for the childcare center.

Approves all purchasing within the budget limitations through check requests, foundation funds, Corporate Express, etc. Update Office Center by daily and weekly handling of scheduling, billing, entering payments, and payroll deductions. Maintains and safeguards staff and child files.

  • Effectively Lead and Manage Staff: Hires well qualified teachers and staff who bring the right blend of experience, expertise and enthusiasm to their roles and trains staff towards continued excellence in the classroom. Mentors and evaluates all childcare staff. Is a role model and champion for childcare staff and the center. Ensures schedules are accurate and current on a weekly and monthly basis. Sign off on payroll for all employees maintaining their hours within the budget, keeping track of PTO, etc. Assist staff with professional development, including monthly readings and the required annual training hours. Hold regular 1:1 and team meetings and keep employees informed about changes and opportunities within the hospital. Drawing on in-depth leadership experience, keeps staff motivated and efficiently and effectively resolves conflicts while following the organization policies.
  • Public Relations and Communications: Develops and executes an effective well laid out marketing plan to promote awareness of the facility and its services. Maintains positive community relationships and with other early childhood development professionals. Write weekly staff memos communicating all pertinent information, as well as communicating with families in a monthly parent newsletter. Communicate with staff, children, and parents in a timely, professional and effective manner. Work collaboratively and proactively with both at the childcare center and at the hospital to bring out the best in staff and families. As the face of the childcare facility, the Child Care Director confidently takes prospective parents on a tour and articulates the mission, vision and values of the center, writes engaging and insightful newsletters and runs meaningful staff meetings.
  • Family Advocate: Regularly meet with parents and teachers to keep parents up-to-date on their child's development and progress, including discussing ways to address any learning or behavioral issues. Handle difficult parents and/or situations with tact, diplomacy and composure.
  • Safety and Compliance: Maintains license with the State of Colorado and ensures center is always in compliance with rules and regulations. Be prepared to carry out the Emergency Preparedness Plan by practicing drills and training staff. Regularly verifies safety equipment is available and working, removing hazards and ensuring the facility is always clean and orderly.

Oversees the implementation of safety measures such as installing security cameras and automatic-locking doors to promote a safe environment for the children. Strong crisis management abilities, remains cool and composed in a crisis.

  • Continual Process Improvement: Be aware of the overall status of childcare within the community as well as national/international best practices and use that to guide policy making and decisions.

Besides being detail-orientated and organized, keep up with federal and state daycare laws and requirements. Maintain the highest quality standards and monitor all programs to ensure consistency with these standards.

Job Benefits:

  • Competitive salary
  • Direct Deposit
  • 401K
  • Comprehensive Health, Dental, and Vision benefits
  • Employee discount program
  • Excellent room for growth and advancement


Minimum of 3 years of related experience running a childcare center and/or equivalent education and experience

Must be qualified as a Director according to the Colorado Shines PDIS Credential Level 3

2 years of leadership experience preferably leading a team of five or more. Pre-school management or similar experience a plus

Work Experience managing financials/budgets, complex administrative tasks and external

communications requiring a high degree of accuracy, organization, and problem solving desired

Excellent verbal and written communication skills with proven experience drafting articles, communicating with parents, and handling difficult situations with tact and diplomacy

Demonstrated ability to work with children and parents in a professional, positive, supportive manner even while under stress and/or during crisis situations

Excellent computer skills sufficient for internal communication, collection of data and to perform functions relating to financial support

Mobility and physical strength to work with active children and to respond to the physical needs of children

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