3 Reasons to Consider Starting a New Healthcare Job NOW!

It’s been said many times that healthcare careers can provide the challenge, security and salary you’re looking for – while also fulfilling your humanitarian side. 

But as a healthcare professional, you can sometimes feel a bit stifled with your current job. Maybe you’ve worked at the same hospital for too long. Your current position offers no room for advancement. Or the money no longer matches your clinical skill set. 

If you’re looking to put your healthcare talents to better use, it might be time to give some serious thought to moving on to something new and exciting. And if you’re looking for a job that offers tremendous growth potential and the ability to make a difference in people’s lives, there’s no better time than the present to consider a job in healthcare.

So if you’re a healthcare professional looking to start your career – or continue up the professional ladder – here are three reasons why you should consider such a move:

Continued Job Growth and Stability

 According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, several of today’s top 20 fastest growing professions are in the healthcare industry. Unlike many industries that are losing workers, the healthcare field is experiencing a candidate’s market – and is expected to continue growing during the next several years. As a Healthcare professional, you’ll have more options and much better job security than in other professions. Those who work in healthcare are also less likely to get laid off due to downsizing, thanks to advances in medicine and the country’s increasing aging population – creating a steady demand for skilled healthcare workers. 

Jobs are Available for all Education and Experience Levels

There are numerous healthcare jobs available, regardless of your education or experience level. Whether you have a high school diploma or 10+ years of schooling, there are jobs available in all areas of healthcare, including Medical Secretary, Medical Coder, Medical Records Technician, Health Information Manager, and many other in-demand healthcare fields. 

Competitive Earning Potential

If COVID-19 taught us anything, it’s that there aren’t enough skilled healthcare professionals to go around. Due to the high demand for workers, careers in healthcare are some of the most well-paying options available. In fact, the healthcare field offers some of the highest-paying positions in any field. Even in entry-level healthcare jobs the earning and growth potential are better than most.

In fact, compared to other jobs or professional industries, healthcare has a high earning potential where your pay, related to your skill level and experience, is extremely competitive.

 This means, as you continue your healthcare career, your earnings can double or even triple from when you started. Wouldn’t you want to work in an industry that continually rewards you for the amount of hard work and expertise you’ve developed over time? 

A Final Thought

Need help figuring out your next career move? 

Contact the healthcare recruiting experts i4 Search Group. Whether you’re an experienced health professional, or just breaking into the medical field, we can help you find your next great opportunity. We’ll discuss your goals, explore options and help get you on the right path to a challenging and rewarding healthcare career. 

i4 Search Group – Recruiting Healthcare Heroes since 2019. i4 Search Group is a permanent placement recruiting firm specializing in healthcare across North America. If you’re a nursing, allied health, or any other healthcare professional looking for your next career move, visit our website and see how our experienced team of professionals can help you find a great position in 2021.  

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