How Do Healthcare Recruiting Agencies Work?

Whether you’re an experienced healthcare professional or just starting out on your journey, one of the most important choices you can make is selecting the right recruiting agency.  

And while it’s true that physicians, nurses, PA’s, technicians and other health workers are in high demand, working with a reputable healthcare recruiting agency can help ensure that you land the best possible job for your skills.

That’s because healthcare recruiting firms know the current labor market, what opportunities are available, and who the best employers are in particular areas. They also know what jobs are in demand in locations you may not have considered. A good agency will have access to an extensive network of companies – including positions accessible only through a recruiter. 

So here are some insights on how recruiting agencies work – and how you can benefit from hitching your wagon to an experienced healthcare recruiter.

What Does a Recruiting Agency Do?

A healthcare recruiter works on behalf of a clinic, hospital, or other health organization, searching for suitable candidates to fill a job role (or roles). It’s the recruitment firm’s job to match the right candidate with the right position. This includes vacancies related to medical practitioners, doctors, nurses, medical receptionists, and other healthcare-related professionals. The recruiter is responsible for posting job advertisements, screening applicants, interviewing candidates, dealing with hiring managers, and, in some cases, providing the job offer to qualified candidates. They should have a solid background in healthcare and be familiar with the skills, experiences, and levels of expertise needed for the different vacancies.

Zeroing in on the Right Opportunities

You just got a text – it’s your recruiter, who has identified you as a good candidate for a position. Outside of jumping up and down, what do you do next?  Typically the recruiter will perform a screening interview to ensure a good match. This can usually be done over the phone or using Zoom. Once completed and you’re deemed a good fit, the agency will work with the employer to introduce you, present your capabilities, set up the interview, and provide you with contact information.

Streamlining the Process

One of the best things about working with a good healthcare recruitment firm is they’ll look for the best possible position – based on your needs – so you don’t have to. Because you’re pre-screened when you work with a recruiting firm, a recruiter is able to match you with an appropriate opportunity a lot faster than if you were searching on your own. They’re also able to match your talents with the right jobs so you’re not spending days or weeks talking with hospitals or health organizations that aren’t a great fit.  That saves you valuable time and helps ensure you’re only talking with the right companies for your skillset.  

Providing Feedback 

Most healthcare recruiters will provide feedback throughout the job application process. Before an interview, they might give you tips on how to revise your resume or provide advice on how to play up certain areas of your background. Post-interview, they can provide comments from the employer on your performance and let you know if you’re still in the running. Whether you get the job or not, this kind of feedback is invaluable.

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