Listen Up! Five Medical Podcasts Healthcare Professionals Should Subscribe To

For today’s busy healthcare workers, podcasts offer a great way to go online and gain the latest information and opinions on a variety of medical topics. Quickly and from the comfort of your home, car or workplace.

Of course podcasts have been around for several years, but these days they offer content covering a much broader range of topics – allowing listeners to have more choices for the industry news, insights, stories and ideas that interest them.

So if you’re a doctor, nurse, physician assistant, technician, or other healthcare professional looking to stay current in an ever-changing healthcare industry, here’s a list of five of the most popular podcasts you should consider subscribing to in 2021.

1. New England Journal of Medicine

These highly respected and informative podcasts are about 30 minutes long and provide weekly updates that discuss the latest techniques and ideas in medical research. If you like getting good, quality information on healthcare innovations (it’s the NEJM after all), this is the podcast for you! Available on Apple, Android, and Windows devices.

2. Docs Outside the Box 

Hosted by trauma surgeon Dr. Nii Darko, this popular podcast looks into the minds of innovative doctors. This collection of podcasts is really eclectic and features everyday doctors doing extraordinary things and is excellent for physicians seeking inspirational stories and interviews from other practioners. These are real insights from medical professionals pushing the envelope that you won’t get in any medical textbook.

3. Health Now

Health Now is the name for WebMD’s podcasts on health and wellness. Hosted by WebMD managing editor Carrie Gann, she discusses the latest medical news and trends, interviews leading experts, and shares simple live-better tips. They are typically released every couple of weeks and are about 30 minutes long – offering listeners insights into the needs and concerns of today’s patients.

4. Bedside Rounds

The world of medicine is full of wonderful, weird, and intensely human stories, and Bedside Rounds seeks to tell a handful of these tales. The podcast presents narrative stories that delve deep into our human connection with the past, and trace the intellectual, social, and cultural currents that have shaped modern medicine. If you enjoy interesting insights and stories about clinical medicine, be sure to check out this podcast.

5. Everyday Emergency

Just about every clinician will know about Médecins Sans Frontières – also known as Doctors Without Borders. Their Everyday Emergency podcasts are boots-on-the-ground-style, hard-hitting medical accounts from around the world that illuminate the humanitarian and human face of disasters, displacements, and conflicts. These podcasts offer first-hand, honest and clear  insights into the events that affect our entire global village.

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