What does a day in the life of a franchisee look like?

As an integral part of our franchise opportunity, your daily activities as a franchisee with us will involve a dynamic mix of responsibilities. The majority of your time, approximately 60%+, will be dedicated to sourcing candidates, a critical aspect involving the identification of suitable candidates for your client’s open positions. Additionally, 10% of your efforts will be invested in workflow management, encompassing tasks such as conducting candidate interviews, performing reference and license checks, and facilitating the overall hiring process. Devoting 20%+ of your focus to business development, you’ll engage in a spectrum of activities, from cultivating 1st level LinkedIn connections to initiating warm calls to potential partnering facilities. Lastly, 10% of your daily routine will be dedicated to building and managing your team. Scaling your business involves the strategic addition and training of recruiters to enhance the overall efficiency and success of your team.

  • 60%: sourcing candidates
  • 10%: workflow management
  • 20%: business development
  • 10%: building and managing your team


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