3 Reasons to Ditch your 9 to 5 and Become a Healthcare Recruiter Franchisee

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The typical nine-to-five work-life scenario is something that’s been ingrained into the minds of generation after generation of workers.

However, as with many things in today’s changing society, many millennials are saying “hold on a minute.” Unlike their parents and grandparents, millennials consistently emphasize work-life balance, with more emphasis on “life” – seeking to be their own bosses and gravitating towards freelancing, contract work, and entrepreneurial careers.

Younger workers expect more flexibility from their jobs than previous generations. In fact, more than 80% say they seriously consider how a position will affect their work-life balance. As the economy transitions to a majority of contract workers rather than full-time employees, many are evaluating opportunities to free themselves from the nine-to-five grind.

Thinking About Being your own Boss? Think About the Staffing/Recruiting Industry

The staffing/recruiting industry is routinely cited by the Bureau of Labor Statistics for being a growth industry that far outstrips overall economic growth. In fact, the need for nurses, advanced practice professionals, physicians, allied health professionals, and other healthcare professionals is at an all-time high. All of which calls for healthcare recruiting professionals to fill these open positions.

The fact is, being a healthcare recruiting franchisee is a great opportunity for recent college graduates as well as seasoned professionals from other industries looking for an exciting career change.

An excellent example is i4 Search Group’s Franchisee model.

i4 Search Group – a national staffing and permanent placement recruiting firm specializing in healthcare and dental staffing and recruiting – offers an excellent franchisee program designed to set entrepreneurs up for success.

The system is designed to help franchisees start fast, then continue to grow their business over time. Franchisees are provided with the tools and opportunities to begin earning immediately, including:

  • Minimal initial investment
  • The latest technology fully supported with remote capabilities
  • Turnkey business
  • High flexibility and fantastic for self-starters
  • Established franchise territories and proven recruitment strategies
  • Direct support and communication to the executive office

Here are three great reasons to saying “bye-bye” to 9 to 5 and becoming part of the i4 Search Group Franchisee Team:

1.) Becoming a Healthcare Franchisee is Affordable

A low initial investment, a dynamic pricing model, and volume price breaks make becoming a Franchisee an affordable career option with unlimited expansion potential.

2.) The Healthcare Industry is Booming

Joining the i4 team as a Franchisee is a great way for an entrepreneur to capitalize on a recession-proof, stable, and highly profitable business where you can start earning revenue quickly. As 70 million baby boomers age, and many retire from roles as healthcare professionals, the need for premium healthcare talent and access will keep growing.

3.) Designed to Help you Succeed

When you join i4 Search Group as a Franchise member, you not only gain access to a powerful healthcare recruitment network, you also gain a direct line to our leadership, former Franchisees themselves. Training and support is part of our franchisee process!

To find out if becoming a healthcare recruiting franchisee is right for you, contact the i4 Search Group today for more information!

i4 Search Group – Recruiting Healthcare Heroes since 2019. i4 Search Group is a permanent placement recruiting firm specializing in healthcare recruiting across North America. If you’re a nursing, allied health, or any other healthcare professional looking for your next career move, visit our website and see how our experienced team of professionals can help you find a great career position in 2021!

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