Why i4 Search Group?
i4 Search Group is the only healthcare recruiting system Created by Franchisees for Franchisees

Discover all that the i4 Search Group Franchise system can offer you. The need for nurses, advanced practice professionals, physicians, allied health professionals, and other healthcare professionals is at an all-time high. Together, we offer healthcare organizations the talent and leadership solutions they depend on to maintain and improve patient outcomes.

Joining the i4 team as a Franchisee is an exceptional way for an entrepreneur to capitalize on a recession-proof, stable, and highly profitable business where you can start earning revenue quickly. As 70 million baby boomers age, and many retire from roles as healthcare professionals, the need for premium healthcare talent and access will grow significantly. A low initial investment, a dynamic pricing model, and volume price breaks make becoming a Franchisee an affordable career option with unlimited expansion potential.

The i4 Advantage

The only healthcare recruiting franchise system that has been created “For Franchisees by Franchisees”.   The founding partners have been Franchisees in 3 different franchise systems since 2005. 

The four founders owned a total of 24 Franchise Territories in a permanent placement recruiting system, where each of them were highly successful top producers dating back to 2005. 

We know what it is like to own and operate a franchise territory.  We saw first hand what works well, and what works poorly in different franchise systems.   We took that knowledge and meticulously designed the i4 Search Group franchise system to enhance the Franchisee experience and most importantly, the earning potential for our Franchise Partners. 







Job growth is Healthcare is rising faster than any other industry in the United States

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics:


A real opportunity to enhance your earning potential

i4 Search Group’s model is specifically designed to help Franchisees start fast, then continue to grow their business month over month. We offer a revolutionary recruiting system that provides all Franchisees access to our existing database that we have been building for years. This proprietary database is full of current and potential clients, current active 500+ job openings across the United States, and over 70,000 candidates. Franchisees are provided with the tools and opportunity to begin earning immediately, even before they develop any clients themselves.

A better way of doing things

When you invest in an i4 Search Group Franchise, you do so with our entire leadership team behind you; professionals who have worked as Franchisees themselves. The founders of i4 Search Group have more than 55 years of combined Franchisee experience. Together they owned over 24 franchised territories across three different franchise systems since 2005. An i4 Search Group Franchise carries with it a trusted reputation for excellent service in the healthcare industry. Our Franchisees are supplied with:

When you take on the exciting and rewarding role of an i4 Search Group Franchisee, you are joining a team of talent acquisitions specialists who know the complex healthcare industry and will support you in your business development, candidate sourcing, and marketing and PR efforts, to help you learn and grow your business.

i4 Search Group Healthcare Recruiting is currently awarding franchise territories in 3 different divisions




The Path to Becoming an i4 Franchisee


Complete the online inquiry form


Schedule a phone conversation between i4 and the potential franchisee


Complete the detailed Franchise Application


Receive the FDD from i4 and read it


Schedule a virtual Discovery Interview with i4 leadership


i4 Search Group offers a Franchise Territory to the potential franchisee


Potential Franchisee signs the Franchise Agreement and becomes the newest i4 Search Group Franchisee

Training and Support
Continuous training and guidance Is part of the franchise process

When you join i4 Search Group as a Franchisee, you gain not only access to a powerful healthcare recruitment network with dozens of clients and hundreds of job orders but also training and guidance from i4 leadership. The founders of i4 are all former Franchisees themselves, with over 50 years of combined permanent placement recruiting experience.

Incoming Franchisees are provided with over 80 hours of intensive one-on-one and group training. This is a mixed training program, incorporating virtual learning, hands-on in-person training, and instructional training modules. It is a team-based business model that enables the entire i4 Search Group Franchise System to grow.

Full organizational support

Our experience and training expertise help every Franchise owner develop and implement search and placement methodologies that suit their technical strengths and soft skills. With the support of the network and i4 Search Group’s seasoned leadership, you will source the best talent and fill even the most specialized vacancies at a fast and accurate time to hire.

The i4 corporate office, along with the Franchisees and their recruiters, admins, and sourcing specialists, form a powerful team to service our clients and candidates as a best-in-class, permanent placement healthcare recruiting organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are three primary differentiators:

  1. The i4 Search Group Franchise System is the only recruiting franchise that was created by Franchisees for Franchisees. The four founders of i4 Search have a combined 50-plus years of experience as franchisees in two different franchise systems. They have owned a combined 24 franchised territories since 2005. We know what it is like to be a franchisee; we have walked in your shoes. We know what works and what does not from a franchisee perspective. We deliberately designed the i4 Franchise System with the Franchisee’s success as the primary goal.
  2. i4 Search Group Franchises can begin to earn revenue immediately. i4 Search Group has hundreds of active job orders. Our Franchise model is set up so that Franchisees can earn revenue from candidates residing in their markets, even before they have any job orders in their territories.
  3. i4 Search Group has a variable franchise territory pricing model, and price breaks for multiple markets purchased. We believe one size does not fit all. We designed our pricing model to be flexible to allow potential Franchisees to select the investment level that works best for them.

We believe five characteristics make a successful recruiter:

  • Confidence. This is a people business that requires constant networking and interaction with people on both ends of the deal. A great recruiter must not only have confidence in themselves but, just as importantly, be able to inspire confidence in their candidates and clients.
  • Strong Multi-taskers. Recruiters are working to fill multiple job orders with multiple candidates daily. They need to allocate time each day to candidate sourcing, business development, candidate follow up, client maintenance calls, reference flipping, and more.
  • Resiliency. The hard truth is that recruiters hear NO far more often than YES. The ability to take the rejection, turn the page, and move on to the NEXT task is mandatory for a successful recruiter. The adage, “Every no you hear is one step closer to a yes,” is true for recruiters everywhere.
  • Competitiveness. A strong desire to be the best is the secret sauce for a top-level recruiter. The recruiting industry is notoriously competitive, so it is crucial for great recruiters to thrive under pressure and have a target-driven mindset. Setting daily, weekly, monthly, and annual goals—then tracking your progress in relation to those goals—is especially important.
  • Great Listeners. Good recruiters are typically extroverts who love to talk. Great recruiters understand that listening may be more important. In recruiting, the 80/20 rule applies. During candidate interviews or client intake calls, the recruiter should be listening 80 percent of the time and talking only 20 percent of the time. It takes practice, persistence, and deliberate repetition for recruiters to become better listeners than talkers.

i4 offers a comprehensive 80-hour training program—a week of training with an i4 Partner at i4 corporate office and a week of home office work. The goal is to have the new Franchisees talking to candidates and clients before the end of the two-week training program.

Each Franchisee purchases an exclusive territory where they have rights to earn on any facility or candidate located in their exclusive territory.

As part of the training, you’ll learn proven business development methods. In addition, i4 Search Group has hundreds of active job orders available to Franchisees while they are still in training.

Absolutely. For qualified Franchisees, there are opportunities to purchase multiple territories for a discount. Required staffing levels apply.

Yes. There are minimum expectations of revenue for each Franchised territory. There is a six-month grace period for all new Franchisees before the minimums start.

  • There are more open positions in the Healthcare industry than can ever be filled. There will never be a shortage of job orders. We have added additional job orders every week that we have been in business.
  • The i4 Franchise System is designed so that the more Franchisees join the system, the more each Franchisee can earn through placement fees.

You are a business owner; it is your choice. As in any business, the more staffing you provide, the higher the revenues. As you purchase additional territories, there are minimum staffing requirements for each territory.

A lot! This is one of the main advantages of joining an established franchise system like i4 Search Group. Franchisees receive extensive ongoing training and support that includes centralized billing and invoicing, collections management, social media content creation, subscriptions to automated reference checking software, centralized client search agreement management and storage, corporate support specialists, a virtual telephone line, an ATS subscription, Microsoft Exchange email address, business cards, ad copywriting, bulk pricing discounts on advertising and job boards, and much more.

As soon as 30 days from signing your Franchise Agreement.

The total initial investment range is $41,600 to $99,400.

There are several marketing and advertising resources that are provided to the Franchisee as part of the royalty and marketing fees. Additionally, i4 Corporate office will negotiate on behalf of the Franchisees for bulk pricing discounts on additional marketing and advertising resources.

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We have financing options for qualified Franchisees.

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