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The healthcare field has been one of dramatic growth in the past few years. Projections had always placed the healthcare field as one of the top growing professions, with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting average growth of 16% overall for the healthcare sector. In addition, they forecast a 52% increase in the number of Nurse Practitioners in the next ten years. The demand for healthcare jobs is already huge and will only keep growing. Keeping those roles filled with qualified professionals is paramount to ensuring the quality of care for all people relying on the healthcare system and keeping the industry healthy as a whole.

This is where healthcare recruiters like the i4 Search Group come in. We are a national permanent recruiting firm that provides the finest healthcare talent to the top facilities across North America. We aim to be the #1 permanent placement, direct hire Healthcare Recruiting company in the US, and with the insane industry demand, we are looking for more high-quality franchisees to join our team. There are so many opportunities for growth in the industry at the moment, and the i4 search group can give you the training and resources you need to be immediately and long-term successful in your own i4 franchise.

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Introduction and Background 

i4 Search Group is a national permanent recruiting firm that provides healthcare talent to facilities across North America. Unlike other healthcare recruiting franchise systems, we are the only one that has genuinely been made “For Franchisees by Franchisees”. Our founders themselves have all been Franchisees in three different franchise systems since 2005. Through their years of experience in these other systems, they have designed an entirely unique franchisee system to provide the most benefit to all parties involved.

The four founders were thriving even before they started the i4 search group; the four founders owned a total of 24 Franchise Territories in a permanent placement recruiting system dating back to 2005, and every single founder was considered a top producer of high-quality placements. Joining the i4 team as a Franchisee is an excellent way for an entrepreneur to capitalize on a recession-proof, stable, and highly profitable business. You can start making revenue immediately, and with the proper effort, you can expect a steady income for years to come.

Why Healthcare Recruiting?

Opening a healthcare recruiting franchise sounds like a big investment. The potential for growth in the industry is undoubtedly large, and there are indeed a considerable number of reasons why healthcare recruiting specifically is such an optimal field for investment.

Going back to what the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has to say, “…Employment in healthcare occupations is projected to add about 2.6 million new jobs in the upcoming years. Healthcare occupations are projected to add more jobs than other occupational groups.… Healthcare industry occupations account for 14 of the 30 fastest growing occupations.”

It is pretty clear that the demand for healthcare professionals will keep increasing, and the industry as a whole will be scaling up. While demand and growth are certainly positive, there are some worries in the field that demand to this extent will not be able to be met.

According to Allied Health, the need for healthcare workers “will grow over the next five years to around 10.7 million. Yet, if U.S workforce trends hold, more than 6.5 million individuals will permanently leave these jobs within five years, while only 1.9 million will step in to take their place. That adds up to a substantial shortage of critical healthcare labor in this country – coming up with more than 3.2 million workers short within five years.”

This issue of more people leaving than entering the healthcare field is only going to continue to get worse. According to the American Hospital Association, more than half of the current, actively working nurses were aged 50 or older, and almost 30% of all the nurses currently working in the United States are aged 60 or older.

As these nurses begin to retire, the need for more is going to increase drastically, and the current rates of employment will not be able to handle that change. Healthcare recruiting companies are going to become critically important as we look to keep some of the most important jobs in our country filled with qualified professionals.

Why i4 Recruiting?

There are quite a few different healthcare recruitment agencies, but we at i4 Search Group have built ourselves around creating the best franchisee experience possible. We know what it is like to own and operate a franchised recruiting business – we lived it for 15 years as Franchisees ourselves. We saw firsthand what works well in a franchised recruiting system, just as we saw firsthand the kinds of things that we know now are and we know are fundamentally broken.

With this knowledge and experience that we had gained, we reimagined what a franchised recruiting system should look like – and i4 was born. We meticulously designed the i4 Search Group franchise system from the perspective of a Franchisee – building it from the ground up to optimize the franchisee experience. We are proud to offer a fantastic system where our Franchisees can build outstanding businesses, create real wealth for themselves, and have an asset of genuine value to sell once they decide it is time to exit.

We are not the only ones who are excited about what we have managed to create here at i4 Search Group. Hear from some of our satisfied Franchisees and their clients below for some extra opinions on the system as a whole.

Franchisee testimonial

“I couldn’t have asked for a better base to get started from. It took about 45 days until I had my first candidate receive an offer and then another came through shortly thereafter. I knew, after those first two placements, this was going to be perfect for me…”

Client testimonial

“I’m beyond proud of you and your team and how you’ve grown with us in the past year. Your willingness to learn the different demands of the markets and the Account Managers, be flexible and foster a true partnership with us has yielded great success.”

Franchisee Benefits

It is clear that we have created a unique franchisee system that is focused on creating the best experience possible for both franchisees and clients. Becoming a franchisee for i4 comes with a huge range of benefits, some of them entirely exclusive to working for just i4.

First off, creating an i4 franchise is entirely self-focused. This means a quality of life higher than many other jobs, where you are able to work wherever there is cell service and an internet connection. Only work normal business hours, with no weekends or holidays expected, plus guaranteed financial independence the whole time. Starting a franchise does not take long either; we give you the training and documentation you need so that you can hit the ground running with your franchise. After our 90-hour hands-on initial training course, you’ll be ready for everything.

In addition, you’ll have complete access to hundreds of pages of training manuals, training programs, and other resource manuals. We even give all of our franchisee’s access to a shared National Applicant Tracking system that already contains 82,000 candidates with more being added every month.  I4 is here to support you along the entire way and ensure that you are able to create a high-quality, profitable franchise.

Contact Us

If you are ready to get started or have any other questions or concerns, please get in contact with us here or call us at (513) 860-0600.

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