How to Attract Gen Z Healthcare Talent

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In today’s fast-changing healthcare environment, hiring managers, hospitals, clinics, and practices that hope to thrive need to be attracting and hiring younger generations of professionals.

Need proof? Millennials now make up the largest proportion of the American workforce, at 35 percent. And Generation Z – those born after 1996 – represents another massive wave that has begun joining the workforce. There are an estimated 61 million members of Gen Z — bigger than Generation X and two-thirds the size of the baby boomer.

Generation Z has emerged as a population increasingly worthy of attention – especially now that its older members have entered the workforce. population.

For healthcare employers, a shortage of skilled workers makes attracting professionals from these younger age groups more important than ever. Especially now that baby boomers are retiring. Especially since studies show that younger workers are drawn to healthcare.

So here are some important factors to help attract and retain Gen Z healthcare talent as your organization reviews its recruitment initiatives:

Embrace Technology

Experts say Gen Z’s attitude toward technology will continue to change the workforce. When young workers come of age never remembering a time before smartphones—which is true for many in the Gen Z category—it fundamentally changes learning, communication, and workplace expectations. That means Gen Z employees will expect everything to be mobile – from communication and collaboration, to training, retention, and engagement strategies.

Offer Workplace Flexibility

Healthcare HR departments often struggle with offering workplace flexibility for direct care providers because this type of care involves a consistent level of staffing. However, workplace flexibility has topped the list as the most important benefit for younger workers. In fact, when asked which employee benefits were most important, flexibility was ranked first at 19.1 percent, followed by healthcare coverage at 16.9 percent.  

Some popular programs to consider aimed at promoting workplace flexibility include flextime and permitting staff to telecommute one or more days per week.

Cater Benefits to their Needs

While competitive benefits such as retirement savings and healthcare premiums may not be the top priority for Gen Z, employers should provide benefits that cater to their needs. For example, when asked what they’d look for in their first job, Gen Z’s prioritized career growth, fulfilling work, and stability over traditional benefits. A workplace that enables mentoring, on-the-job learning and personal development is essential to retaining younger healthcare workers.

Promote Transparency

Authenticity, honesty and transparency are the foundations of building trust and loyalty between Gen Z and their leaders. Their goal is to have a career they not only love but can expect to thrive. To attract and retain the top talent of this generation, hiring managers should take an active and engaged role in the hiring process.

That includes being open and honest about the organization, its mission, and how the employee fits into the culture. When interviewing candidates, remember they’re interviewing you as well, so call out examples of personal and corporate integrity which Gen Z candidates consider important in an employer.

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