i4 Search Group Launches New Franchising System for Healthcare Professional Recruiting and Placement

A Recession-Proof, Profitable System Built by Franchisees, for Franchisees

i4 Search Group, a leader in permanent placement healthcare recruiting, launched a new franchising system in February 2021, that is already garnering strong interest.

i4 Search Group is an industry leader specializing in the placement of registered nurses, allied health professionals, and advanced practice professionals from across the United States into full-time positions. They offer healthcare organizations the talent and leadership solutions they depend on to maintain and improve patient outcomes.

Nurses, advanced practice professionals, physicians, and other healthcare professionals are leaving the healthcare industry faster than they can be replaced by incoming graduates. As the baby boomer generation ages, their healthcare needs are also increasing. Combined with new Medicare legislation reducing the number of qualified medical professionals, there are not enough nurses, allied health professionals, advanced practice professionals, and physicians to meet current and upcoming needs.

“My partners and I are all former Franchisees, having over 50 years of combined experience, owning over 24 franchised territories across 2 different franchise systems. It has long been our dream to create a franchise system from the ground up designed with the success of the Franchises as the guiding principle,” said Scott Butts, President of the Franchise Division.

“We have seen what works and what doesn’t. We have seen how franchisors set up systems tilted in their favor, with the success of the franchisee being a secondary concern. That is a fundamentally flawed system in our opinion. We developed our entire system with the goal of maximizing franchisee revenue, which will in turn creates a healthier, more sustainable franchise system overall. We are a system created for franchisees, by franchisees”

Franchisees with i4 Search Group have the entire leadership team behind them. An i4 Search Group Franchise carries with it a trusted reputation for excellent service in the healthcare recruiting industry. Our Franchisees are supplied with:

• 80 hours of initial training informed by extensive franchise and industry experience.
• One on one training & mentoring calls for 8 weeks after training
• Proprietary digital candidate sourcing and business development tools
• Access to a proprietary i4 database years in the making, and full of current and potential clients, current active job openings, and over 35,000 candidates

When you take on the exciting and rewarding role of an i4 Search Group Franchisee, you are joining a team of talent acquisitions specialists who know the complex healthcare industry and will support you in your business development, candidate sourcing, and marketing and PR efforts, to help you learn and grow your business.

“We could not be prouder and more excited to offer this life-changing opportunity to become a business owner and entrepreneur to those who want to become a part of the i4 Search Group growth story,” Butts said.

For more information about the i4 Search Group opportunity, visit our website for more information or contact Scott Butts.

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