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You’re an entrepreneur at heart but you understand the volatility of launching a startup. If you want a safer investment, consider a franchise. Smallbizgenius says, “Franchising is the perfect recipe for growth.” Franchises offer a proven methodology and an established brand which takes some of the risk out of starting a new business.  

Today, there are more than 750,000 franchises in the United States that employ over eight million people. While the numbers vary from about $50,000 to $200,000 in annual profits, the average franchise owner takes home up to $125,000 per location on average. While most franchises are food-related, there are a few other lucrative categories of these proven businesses.  

One type of franchise is in the service industry. I4 Search Group is a recruiting firm focusing on staffing medical professionals in the healthcare field. We offer a franchising business that provides a much-needed service to healthcare organizations seeking clinical and administrative talent.  

Today, the need for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals is higher than it’s ever been. We offer our franchisees a way to capitalize on this need for a lucrative value-added business that offers a stable income combining two of the best industries in the U.S.: Staffing and healthcare. It’s a match guaranteed to turn your entrepreneurial spirit into a real business to benefit you and your family. 

This blog will help you determine why are franchises great investments and why recruiting in the healthcare field is a smart choice for a business. It will give you a look inside the process of becoming an i4 Search Group franchisee and get you ready to take the next step toward a more lucrative and stable career path as an entrepreneur. 

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Why Franchising with i4 Search Group? 

A franchise with i4 Search Group is the perfect storm: 

  • Franchising offers a lucrative way to eliminate the risk of starting a new business and being your own boss. 
  • Staffing is a kind of “recession-proof” business—employers always need great talent. 
  • Healthcare is in the thick of a terrible talent shortage, so the job market is incredibly hot. 

Franchising serves as less risky alternative to starting your own business. Entrepreneur lists some of the advantages of launching a franchise: 

  • Your brand is established. Instead of worrying about how to build a brand and whether that brand is innovative enough to survive competitive markets, you can focus on building the business.  
  • You potentially have more access to capital because you are launching from an established brand instead of starting something from scratch. Instead of proving a concept to an investor or a bank, you’re sharing real numbers from a real, established business model. 
  • You already have a motivated staff—you. Instead of searching for solid unit managers to run the business, you are the owner and supervisor of the franchise. A franchisee has skin in the game from day one. 
  • More profit, faster is the number one reason to launch a franchise. You don’t waste time searching for the best workflows or the best systems to make your business profitable. We’ve already covered that ground and can teach you how to be successful in the business. Your job is to focus like a laser on production and profit. 

But why healthcare and why recruiting? 

The U.S. staffing industry is booming. According to Statista, the global staffing industry generated $497 billion U.S. dollars in 2019. In the U.S. alone, temporary and contract employment totaled $16 billion. The American Staffing Association reports more than three million temporary and contract employees work for U.S. recruiting firms each week. Each of those employees generates revenues for their staffing employer in a recurring revenue stream that is as lucrative as it is in-demand.  

The healthcare field is particularly in need of these services. Healthcare organizations from medical practices to hospitals, testing labs, and other ancillaries are struggling to find the qualified help they need. The demand for healthcare talent is at an all-time high, and; you are there to fill it. 

Temporary contract staffing is a huge profit center within the medical staffing industry. It provides steady, recurring revenue streams for healthcare recruiting firms. Permanent placement is even more lucrative, with most healthcare facilities willing to pay big money for top talent.  
As it becomes more and more difficult to find qualified talent, an increasing number of healthcare organizations are seeking the help of staffing agencies like i4 Search Group. Recruiting in the healthcare field offers not only an unprecedented number of positions available, but increasing demand for clinical and administrative providers in skilled nursing, allied health, advanced practice, physician, administration, leadership—and so much more. 

Ready to start your journey? Click here to request a franchise packet from i4 Search Group. 

7 Steps to Becoming an i4 Search Group Franchisee 

Step 1:  

Register by requesting a franchise packet from the i4 Search Group. Click here to sign up. 

Step 2:  

Schedule the first conversation with your i4 Search Group franchise representative. This process will help answer any questions you come up with after studying the franchise packet along with any general questions you may have. 

Step 3:  

Potential franchise owners complete a detailed i4 Search Group Franchise Application. 

Step 4:  

Review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This detailed document covers: 

  • The description of the i4 Search Group franchise, its history, and details on the parent company. 
  • An outline of biographical and professional details on the officers of the company, directors, executives, and the franchise itself. 
  • Details on civil and criminal litigations, bankruptcies, or any relevant legal details required by law in a full disclosure document. 
  • Outlines of all the fees and payments along with the initial investment required to take on the i4 Search Group brand. 
  • Details of financing arrangements available as well as your obligations as a franchise owner, relevant trademarks, copyrights, and service and trade names. 
  • Equipment, training, assistance, and software offered under the franchise agreement. 
  • Legal obligations and restrictions, contracts, dispute resolution, and more. 
  • Financial reporting requirements and rules. 
  • A list of locations and contact details for other i4 Search Group franchisees. 
  • And more, including the contracts necessary to launch your new venture. 

Step 5:  

Schedule a virtual Discovery Interview with i4 senior leadership to review any questions you have. 

Step 6:  

Your franchise documents are approved and you are offered a Franchise Territory to build your business. 

Step 7:  

All documents are finalized and you become the newest i4 Search Group Franchise! 

Franchise Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What kind of training and support will I receive? 

We provide 100% support, training, and guidance to our i4 Search Group franchise partners. After all, we have a lot invested in your success! We provide you with full access to our powerful network of jobs and candidates. Then we offer the training to help you build your own regional network of healthcare professionals and potential clients. Our leadership team has more than 50-years of recruiting experience and they are all former franchise owners, so you have unparalleled access to the best information at a critical stage in your new business. 
Incoming franchise owners receive more than 80-hours of personalized one-on-one training in how to be successful in healthcare recruiting, how to run a strong business model, and even how to advertise and build the brand. The training incorporates the best in virtual and hands-on training as well as detailed training modules to help you grow. 

2. How can I be sure my business will take off? 

Healthcare recruiting is one of the most lucrative targeted categories within the staffing world today. That’s because there is a serious talent shortage in the healthcare field. Healthcare Finance says 58% of healthcare organizations report there is simply not enough talent to meet the demand. That’s exactly the niche that an i4 Search Group seeks to fill. 
The reality of healthcare recruiting today is that you’re stepping into an arena where all of the jobs will never be filled—the need is that great. When coupled with the often-overlooked fact that healthcare has massive turnover rates. The data shows that healthcare organizations have turned over 89% of their staff since 2015. What that means for our i4 Search Group franchisees is that this is a lucrative market both for job seekers and for the clients we serve. 
Instead of launching from a cold start, you have access to a massive database of clinical and administrative healthcare talent. We’ve been building this network for decades, but you, as a franchise owner, won’t have to. You have immediate access to talent and the training to back up your efforts. Even if you’ve never worked in a healthcare recruiting role, we offer the tools to be successful as well as proven methodologies to hit the numbers fast. This, coupled with a lucrative geographic territory and constant support from our franchise team will help you achieve your goals. 

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step? 

Some big life changes can start with a single form filled out online. The franchise team at i4 Search Group is standing by to chat with you about how this opportunity could be the one that gives you everything you’ve dreamed about. This is real. You just need to take the next step toward franchise entrepreneurship in one of the most lucrative fields you’ll ever encounter.  
Ready to start your journey? Click here to request a franchise packet from i4 Search Group.

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