Nurse Qualities You’ll Need for Three Non-Hospital Jobs

Nurses are such an important part of society that they’re found in countless industries and organizations. While many nurses look for jobs in hospitals, there are plenty of non-hospital nursing jobs for both new graduates and veteran nurses. We’ve gathered four great non-hospital jobs for nurses and why you’ll love them as well as the nurse qualities that will make you a perfect candidate.

Become a Home Health and Hospice Nurse

If you’re looking for a consistent schedule and enjoy one on one care with patients, then home health and hospice nursing may be for you. This is a good career choice for nurses who are compassionate and reliable. There are opportunities to work outside a hospital setting if you prefer. Many patients’ home and hospice care ends when their disease or illness has run its course or their condition has improved, so you can expect to provide care for the same patients until that time.

If you’re used to working in a high-pressure environment as a nurse, being a home health and hospice nurse may come as a welcome change. Instead of caring for many patients in one shift, you’ll be caring for one and likely at a much slower pace.

Love Sports? Use your Nursing Degree to Work with Athletes.

Sports medicine can refer to private practices that offer healthcare to people suffering from musculoskeletal injuries that can often be obtained in sports-related activities. Some athletic teams also have healthcare professionals on staff. Sports medicine can be a very rewarding career, even if you’re not commonly working with tragic accidents, terminal illnesses, or other more stressful ailments.

Sports medicine nurses often deal with life-altering injuries. Athletes who make their living in sports can have a career shattered by an injury or saved by a great sports medicine team who knows how to treat and rehabilitate. Children and teens are frequent sports medicine clients and having proper musculoskeletal care in their younger years can sometimes keep them from suffering lifelong injuries from one childhood accident. Attention to detail, a calming nature, and an optimistic demeanor are good nurse qualities for sports medicine careers.

Serve Your Community as a Public Health Nurse

A public health nurse has the unique ability to care for patients and the community. In this field, you might take care of patients in impoverished or rural areas or research and implement plans to decrease or prevent public health concerns like drug addiction, teen pregnancy, and the spread of disease. Public health nurses also work to educate community members on disease prevention, nutrition, vaccinations, etc.

Some of the most important nurse qualities in the public health field are empathy, research skills, advocacy, and patience. Public health nurses often work with people experiencing stressful or uncertain times and can provide a calming and educational presence in the community.

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