Coping with Seasonal Affective Disorder during COVID-19

healthcare professionals

Each year, about 5% of adults in the United States experience seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD.  Unfortunately, with the active COVID pandemic, there’s a greater chance for seasonal depression happening to a larger number of people. Seasonal affective disorder can be serious, but there are ways to help lessen its effects on everyone…

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How to Become an i4 Search Group Franchisee

Franchises are one of the most prevalent industries in the American economy, and it’s easy to see why.  Becoming a franchisee offers an individual the opportunity to run their own business while building off the success of the “parent” organization – as if it has already been running for years! It’s like jumping ahead in line…

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Regaining Health and Economic Strength in 2021

World Health Day has been celebrated each year since 1948 on April 7th. The World Health Organization promotes this celebration yearly to promote awareness of health concerns. If we learned anything in the last year is that most of us take our health for granted. Whether you are recovering from COVID-19, or managed to avoid…

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