YOLO! Take Control of your Career: Open a Recruiting Franchise

The YOLO economy is definitely real. And more and more working professionals – especially millennials – are realizing that there’s more to life than burning the midnight oil in an unfulfilling job. If this movement has an identifier, it’s “YOLO” — “you only live once,” an acronym popularized a decade ago and deployed ever since by people ready to take control of their lives. 

But what exactly does this mean to you?

Like many during the COVID-19 pandemic, you likely worked from home instead of going into an office – often with a lengthy commute. If you’re also like many, you may have liked the freedom and opportunities afforded by this working setup – and actually found that you accomplished more.  

So if you find yourself looking for a career shift that will enable you to start a new business that speaks directly to your lifestyle and passions, owning your own recruiting franchise may be the ticket. Here are some reasons why: 

5 Benefits of Becoming a Franchise Owner

You’re Part of a Proven Business Model

When you buy into a franchise, you’ll benefit from access to a proven business system that the franchisor has already developed. This has huge appeal for prospective franchisees because the business model has proved its winning formula and that money can be made. 

You’re Part of an Established Brand

The chief benefit of buying a franchise is leveraging an established brand to market your business. Franchises come with a built-in customer base, allowing you to save the money and effort needed to get your name out there. Obtain the right to operate under the franchise’s name – and you’re ready to tap into a business model that’s already proven successful! 

Back Office Support

Starting a business on your own can be challenging. You’ll be doing everything – including paying the bills. But as part of a franchise, the daily functions such as invoicing, collections, and reporting are already in place. This allows you a lot more time to focus on building your clientele and developing your business. 

Part of an Established Team of like-Minded Professionals

Another benefit of joining a franchise is the built-in support network from your fellow franchise owners. Having a group of people to turn to who’ve been in your shoes is an incredible resource – especially when you’re starting out. Because each franchisee’s success contributes to the overall brand, the sharing of best practices is a win-win all around.

Unlimited Earning Potential

Unlike a salaried job where you earn a wage or a commission position where you essentially take home a percentage of your personal billings, the amount you can earn from your own business is only limited to the size of the territories you own and manage. Your company can be as small or as large as you like. 

Interested in Starting a Recruiting Franchise Business?

With a combined 50 years of industry experience, the i4 Search Group’s Franchise System is the only recruiting franchise that was created by franchisees for franchisees. We know what it’s like to be a franchisee – and have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t. We deliberately designed the i4 Franchise System with the franchisee’s success as the primary goal. If you’re interested, we would love to talk. YOLO!

i4 Search Group – Recruiting Healthcare Heroes since 2019. We’re a permanent placement recruiting firm specializing in healthcare recruiting across North America. If you’re a nursing, allied health, or any other healthcare professional looking for your next career move, visit our website and see how our experienced team of professionals can help you find a great position in 2021. 

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