Today’s Fastest Growing Allied Healthcare Professions

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Even before COVID-19, opportunities in the healthcare field were growing faster than most other areas of the U.S. economy. According to a recent report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment in the healthcare sector is expected to grow by about 2.6 million jobs between 2020 and 2030 – an average growth rate of…

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2022 Goal-Setting for Healthcare Professionals

Taking the time to set career goals might seem like just another task crammed onto an already hectic schedule for many healthcare professionals. Dealing with the COVID pandemic has been draining for many health workers – and sometimes, the most important goal is to simply finish a shift and get enough rest to power through…

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Healthcare Professionals: Is it time for a Career Makeover?

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There comes a time for every healthcare professional when stepping back and evaluating your career makes sense. It may be that you’ve been on the COVID-19 front lines and need a change. You’ve always wanted to be a therapist, but the timing was never right. Or the idea of becoming a traveling healthcare professional seems…

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Contract Negotiation Tips for Medical Professionals

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It goes without saying that medical professionals lead busy lives. Whether a physician, nurse, x-ray technician, or other healthcare worker, a lot of your time is spent on the job making sure your patients are getting the highest possible levels of care. Which all goes with the territory. But what about before you get a…

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3 Reasons to Consider Starting a New Healthcare Job NOW!

It’s been said many times that healthcare careers can provide the challenge, security and salary you’re looking for – while also fulfilling your humanitarian side.  But as a healthcare professional, you can sometimes feel a bit stifled with your current job. Maybe you’ve worked at the same hospital for too long. Your current position offers…

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Advanced Certificates to Boost your Medical-Profession Resume

If you’re a healthcare professional thinking of going back to school, consider this: An advanced certification can not only strengthen your degree, but most likely improve your income potential.  In addition, if you’re a student or you’re looking to transfer from another industry, a medical certification is an excellent way to enter the healthcare industry.…

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How Do Healthcare Recruiting Agencies Work?

Whether you’re an experienced healthcare professional or just starting out on your journey, one of the most important choices you can make is selecting the right recruiting agency.   And while it’s true that physicians, nurses, PA’s, technicians and other health workers are in high demand, working with a reputable healthcare recruiting agency can help…

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5 Qualities of a Great Emergency Room Nurse

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If you’re considering becoming an emergency room nurse, there are a lot of factors you need to understand to ensure it’s the right profession for you. ER nurses treat patients coming through hospital emergency departments at virtually all hours. From heart attacks to strokes to gunshot wounds, motor vehicle accidents, fractured bones – you name…

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