Healthcare Professionals: Is it time for a Career Makeover?

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There comes a time for every healthcare professional when stepping back and evaluating your career makes sense. It may be that you’ve been on the COVID-19 front lines and need a change. You’ve always wanted to be a therapist, but the timing was never right. Or the idea of becoming a traveling healthcare professional seems…

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3 Reasons to Consider Starting a New Healthcare Job NOW!

It’s been said many times that healthcare careers can provide the challenge, security and salary you’re looking for – while also fulfilling your humanitarian side.  But as a healthcare professional, you can sometimes feel a bit stifled with your current job. Maybe you’ve worked at the same hospital for too long. Your current position offers…

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YOLO! Take Control of your Career: Open a Recruiting Franchise

The YOLO economy is definitely real. And more and more working professionals – especially millennials – are realizing that there’s more to life than burning the midnight oil in an unfulfilling job. If this movement has an identifier, it’s “YOLO” — “you only live once,” an acronym popularized a decade ago and deployed ever since by people…

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How to Attract Gen Z Healthcare Talent

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In today’s fast-changing healthcare environment, hiring managers, hospitals, clinics, and practices that hope to thrive need to be attracting and hiring younger generations of professionals. Need proof? Millennials now make up the largest proportion of the American workforce, at 35 percent. And Generation Z – those born after 1996 – represents another massive wave that has begun…

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5 Qualities of a Great Emergency Room Nurse

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If you’re considering becoming an emergency room nurse, there are a lot of factors you need to understand to ensure it’s the right profession for you. ER nurses treat patients coming through hospital emergency departments at virtually all hours. From heart attacks to strokes to gunshot wounds, motor vehicle accidents, fractured bones – you name…

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